Panel Retrofits


 AGL excels in offering advanced avionics retrofits in collaboration with our esteemed partner, Carolina Avionics. We specialize in complex avionics installations, taking pride in our ability to engineer custom new panels that meet the unique needs of each aircraft. Utilizing state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technologies, we ensure precision and quality in every modification. Our expertise in integrating the latest avionics systems transforms your cockpit with the most advanced navigational and communication capabilities available. Choose AGL for avionics solutions that redefine your flying experience with cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship.

Mooney Service Center

Engine overhauls

At AGL Aviation Services, our passion for Mooney aircraft drives us to deliver unparalleled maintenance services. As a factory-authorized Mooney Aircraft Service Center , we're equipped to meet all your Mooney aircraft needs with the latest, most effective techniques and technologies. Our commitment goes beyond just maintenance; we're dedicated to ensuring that your Mooney aircraft operates at its best, providing you with the safety, efficiency, and enjoyment that you deserve every time you take to the beautiful blue sky.

The AGL family, including our team of highly skilled Mooney mechanics, is united by a single mission: to fulfill the diverse and demanding needs of Mooney owners and pilots with unmatched expertise and value. We understand the unique bond between a pilot and their Mooney, and it's our privilege to enhance that connection through our dedicated service. Trust AGL Aviation Services to be your partner in maintaining the thrill of flight, ensuring that every journey is as safe, efficient, and enjoyable as possible.

Pre-Purchase inspections


Investing in a detailed, comprehensive pre-purchase inspection can significantly benefit prospective buyers by enabling better negotiation power and preventing unforeseen maintenance expenses post-purchase. Unlike an annual inspection, which focuses on regulatory compliance, a pre-purchase inspection delves deeply into the aircraft's condition, identifying any damage, wear, and potential future maintenance issues that may not be immediately apparent.

This thorough examination is crucial for making an informed decision, as it can reveal serious problems that could substantially affect the aircraft's value. Discovering such issues before finalizing the purchase allows the buyer to negotiate a price reduction commensurate with the repair costs. While sellers might be hesitant about this level of scrutiny, it's an essential step for buyers to protect their investment.

A pre-purchase inspection not only ensures the aircraft meets safety and airworthiness standards but also positions the buyer to negotiate a better deal, potentially saving thousands in future repairs. Once the transaction is completed, the responsibility for addressing any previously unidentified repairs falls to the new owner, making it challenging to recoup costs from the seller. Thus, a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection is a small investment that can prevent major expenses and complications later, ensuring the aircraft is both safe and financially viable.