*****Our standard shop rate is $70/hr. Below are our Annual/100hr rates and explanation*****

We have an announcement to make. We will be raising our rates to $70/hour effective May 22nd. We really try not to raise our rates unless we absolutely cannot avoid it. We keep our prices reasonable and do not economically take advantage of our customers. It is our belief that general aviation has suffered mostly in part of people charging outrageous prices for parts and services. We're not in this business to pad our wallets, though this business is how we make a living for our family. Annual flat rates will change with that to reflect the new rates and a new rate sheet will be uploaded on that day. $70/hour is not an unfair or unreasonable price. Locally, auto mechanics are pushing rates in excess of $80/hr and certified small engine repair is $75/hour to have your weed eater repaired. We continually keep our mechanics up to date with the latest trainings and select certifications to better serve you. 

We, above all else, make sure we treat our customers fairly. At the same time, we need to be able to keep up with rising demands and stay operational. If you have questions or concerns about this change, feel free to get in touch with us. We're completely open to and with our customers.

The annual inspection is quoted and charged on a flat rate for the inspection. All parts will be charged extra (for example: oil and filter will be above the flat rate for the annual). Also, any defects found during the inspection that require repair would be an extra charge at the current shop rate plus parts. You will be contacted for these repairs if needed.



An annual inspection not only includes labor, but some added value services as well.

Items include:

1)      AD research

2)      Clean, gap, test, and rotate spark plugs

3)      Pre and post run up for systems check

4)      Compression test

5)      Servicing battery

6)      Oil and filter change **

7)      Air filter change **

8)      Lubrication with servicing of pulleys, hinges, and bell cranks

9)      Cleaning, inspection and repacking of wheel bearings

10)   Landing gear extension/retraction test if required

11)   Mag to engine timing

12)   Removal and installation of inspection panels and interior as necessary for inspection

13)   ELT test and inspection per FAR 91.207 **

14)   Inspection of aircraft


Please see below for a table of pricing per aircraft type. 

Annual/100hr inspection rates

Click here to find your aircraft's flat rate

Click here to find your aircraft's flat rate