An end to our 2019 promo


We hate to do it but we have to mark an end to our 2019 promo! The cabin we were offering does not rent out the months from November to March. If you have any different promo ideas, we'd…



Did you know that we are a JPI dealer?! Did you know that we install JPI systems with removal of the old systems? 

Not many do. We should do more to showcase that particular aspect of business! 

Contact us today…


***2019 MOONEY PROMO***

We hope you guys are having a FANTASTIC April! All April fools ASIDE, we're coming to you to let you know we will not be offering a % off this year. However, do not fear or lose heart! Right on…


AGL policy change effective May 1st 2019

For Annual Inspections:

We will now charge 25% of your annual flat rate up front prior to rolling the plane into the shop as a retainer. 

Upon completion of the inspection, you will be given an estimate of parts and…